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Azexo Composer (value of $24)

Azexo Composer is one of the first Premium Visual Composers developed for Drupal.  As described by the module developers:

Azexo Composer is Drupal module for user friendly front-end content editing. It is based on jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore and Bootstrap. The main difference from other solutions - Azexo Composer uses client JS for render of HTML to work faster and save server resources. It can be used for such tasks:

  • Azexo Composer is ready for making static landing pages by end users with default Bootstrap CSS (or you can use Bootswatch CSS or any custom Bootstrap theme).
  • Developers of Drupal themes can integrate Azexo Composer very easily, so their theme will be ready for simple editing by the end users.
  • Azexo Composer is ready for creating static content AJAX sites. Content can be loaded (via AJAX) when it will appear in user viewport.
  • In same cases Azexo Composer can be used by graphic designers, who do not have CSS skills, for creating Drupal sites for end users.

Azexo Composer Drupal Theme

In order to obtain any additional info, references and feedback of it, feel free to visit the product page.

It is really a simple module, but still each detail has been carefully documented in the official module documentation. This documentation is included in the downloadable package and each buyer has the right of a single Regular License of it and to be used only integrated with this product. The commercial use of this module is properly licensed to DoubleMThemes by the module author to be sold integrated with this product.

Azexo Composer Element Controls